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Skyrim Studies - Alchemical Corner

So, here goes nothing I suppose.

I told you I'd be writing another post about the wonderful skill of alchemy in Skyrim and here it is! Two new potions with 6 effects to consider as you set about your business in Tamriel's tundra province.

My first potion steps in to protect the heavy armour enthusiasts, especially when they're working with a shield, or if they're mindful enough to put the block skill to good use. With a combination of honeycomb, sabre cat teeth and slaughterfish scales you will generate a potion that will fortify your light armour skill, your block skill and restore your stamina at the same time. As you might imagine this can be an extremely beneficial combination especially if you forsee a serious brawl in your future. This concoction ought to allow you to fearlessly charge into the fray regardless of how many enemies you might face though I won't accept the blame if you get yourself killed thinking this potion somehow grants you the gift of immortality.

Potion of Stalwart Defense:

  1. Honeycomb - found in alchemical shops but more easily obtained by visiting Honeystrand Cave where you can find 3 bee hives and a bounty of bees buzzing around you. This will provide you with honeycomb, beehive husks and bees.
  2. Sabre Cat Tooth - slightly more difficult to obtain as they're not commonly found just lying around. You're going to need to take down sabre cats for these (though they rank as an uncommon ingredient after you select the merchant perk) but to be fair it doesn't matter what type of sabre cat you kill, they all have the same chance to drop one of these.
    SR-icon-ingredient-Sabre Cat Tooth.png
  3. Slaughterfish Scales - as with the sabre cat tooth the name of the ingredient tells you how to obtain it... Kill slaughterfish. I find that simply grabbing a sword and diving in the lakes, ponds and rivers between Markarth and Falkreath provides a bounty of these through the slaughterfish that eagerly chase you down.
    SR-icon-ingredient-Slaughterfish Scales.png
For those of you wondering, the base attributes of this potion are:
- Restore Stamina: 25
- Fortify Block: 118
- Fortify Heavy Armour: 55
- Value: 198 Gold

These values will be modified by any applicable perks you've selected and your alchemy skill as it exists buffed by equipped items etc.

This next potion goes out to the conjurers reading this post. It functions to boost your conjuration skill, restore your magicka and to help you resist fire-based attacks. So if you're looking to go dragon hunting (though conjuration only comes into play once you ground them) or seeking a fight with some fire mages you'll be more than prepared. Again, I assume no responsibility for the misuse of these potions nor for an individual's failings to equip and conduct themselves properly in combat.

Conjurer's Philter of Fireshield:

  1. Bone Meal - one of the most common ingredients out there, bone meal can be found on the bodies of draugr of all varieties, skeletons, it can be bought in shops and found lying about in cabins and kitchens. You shouldn't have any trouble getting your hands on this so I'm not going to post specific locations... Just raid an ancient nord crypt or two.
    SR-icon-ingredient-Bone Meal.png
  2. Elves Ear - kitchens and covens are your best bet for this ingredient. It can be found hung up and drying alongside garlic in most cases and in the stocks of alchemist shops.
    SR-icon-ingredient-Elves Ear.png
  3. Frost Salts - much more uncommon, these will likely pose a challenge to you. You CAN buy them at alchemy shops but they're not only costly but rare to find in stock as well. They can be looted from frost atronachs but those aren't particularly plentiful to say the least. Your best bet will be raiding the shelves of alchemy shops (don't get spotted) and the various alchemy labs scattered across the Skyrim landscape. Random basements, witches covens, even down in Blackreach at Sinderion's field office if I remember correctly. Just keep your eyes peeled and pick them up whenever you can.
    SR-icon-ingredient-Frost Salts.png
As like before here are the potion attributes:
- Fortify Conjuration: 75
- Restore Magicka: 25
- Resist Fire: 86
- Value: 186 Gold

Well folks that's all I have for you today. I'd like to thank my friend Kim for the feedback that inspired me to write this second alchemy piece. I hope these come in handy for you. To the rest of my readers I hope these potions prove just as useful to you in your journeys just remember to give me a little credit if you're discussing your digital exploits with fellow Skyrim enthusiasts. Thank you and as always...

Enjoy your swim!

Joshua J. Taylor

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  1. If you're in this PURELY for the money you can look at these mixtures. The base effects and values are listed along with the ingredients required to create them. Knock yourselves out, these are the most profitable mixtures possible.

    Blue Butterfly Wing + Blue Mountain Flower + Giant's Toe = FortConj (75) | DamMagReg (265) | DamStam (43) | FortHp (485) | Value: 868
    Bear Claws + Creep Cluster + Giant's Toe = FortHp (485) | DamStamReg (159) | FortCarry (208) | Value: 852
    Blue Mountain Flower + Creep Cluster + Giant's Toe = FortHp (485) | DamStamReg (159) | FortCarry (208) | Value: 852
    Creep Cluster + Giant's Toe + Glowing Mushroom = DamStamReg (159) | FortCarry (208) | FortHp (485) | Value: 852
    Creep Cluster + Giant's Toe + Hanging Moss = DamStamReg (159) | FortCarry (208) | FortHp (485) | Value: 852
    Creep Cluster + Giant's Toe + Wheat = DamStamReg (159) | FortCarry (208) | FortHp (485) | Value: 852
    Giant's Toe + Hawk Beak + Wheat = FortCarry (208) | FortHp (485) | DamStamReg (159) | Value: 852
    Giant's Toe + River Betty + Wheat = FortCarry (208) | FortHp (485) | DamStamReg (159) | Value: 852
    Giant's Toe + Scaly Pholiota + Wheat = FortCarry (208) | FortHp (485) | DamStamReg (159) | Value: 852
    Giant's Toe + Wheat + Wisp Wrappings = FortHp (485) | DamStamReg (159) | FortCarry (208) | Value: 852