Friday, 4 January 2013

Alchemical Corner - A Profitable Potion

I posted this in the comments of my last post however I think that this little recipe requires its own article.

This potion is the most valuable alchemy combination so listen up as it stands to make you a pretty penny when you're down on your coin because well, we can all admit that every now and then we wind up spending more of our gold than we should. Oh, and picking alchemy ingredients IS free after all.


  • Blue Butterfly Wing - Extremely common in the temperate regions of Skyrim especially in the woods around Riverwood and the foothills west of Whiterun. You'll see the butterflies hovering over flowers and tundra cotton which will help you locate the next ingredient.
    SR-icon-ingredient-Blue Butterfly Wing.png
  • Blue Mountain Flower - As I said, butterflies will be fluttering over most flowers and as such, blue mountain flowers will be part of that grouping. As you'll find one with the other, look again to the foothills west of Whiterun and the forests between Riverwood and Falkreath. The mountain that contains Bleak Falls Barrow will host mountain flowers all around its base, and at the base of the connected mountains. My advice? Just do a lap of these mountains and you'll leave with a great stock of butterfly wings AND blue mountain flowers.
    SR-icon-ingredient-Blue Mountain Flower.png
  • Giant's Toe - ALSO available in the foothills and plains west of Whiterun, you can acquire giant's toes by, how else? Killing giants. Yes, they also sell them in alchemy shops but actually killing giants is typically a bounty mission from local Jarls as well as a great way to gain general experience and items when looting the chests that giants almost always have in or around their camps.
    SR-icon-ingredient-Giants Toe.png


  • Fortify Conjuration - 75
  • Damage Magicka Regeneration - 265
  • Damage Stamina - 43
  • Fortify Health - 485
  • Value - 868 gold
Now you'll need to remember that when you select the perks that remove positive traits from poisons, and negative traits from potions this potion in particular, might be impossible to create. Since the best potions and poisons typically don't come with effects strong enough to offset the positives or negatives that you're looking for, I'd avoid these perks for as long as possible. Remember folks, the value of each potion is dictated by the power of its effects and your speechcraft perks so the 868 gold value of the potion is only an initial one, and will increase with the power of the potion's effects as they're boosted by your skills and perks.

I hope this has helped you out folks. I know the potion is really 'down the middle' as far as effects go. You're working with two positives and two negatives so you can't really make it into an effect potion or poison but it WILL make you a good pocket of coin if you use it right.

Enjoy your swim folks!

Joshua J. Taylor

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