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Just a little something I've cooked up over the last couple years dealing with local restaurants and my opinions regarding them, their service quality, the value of your dollar and other miscellaneous details. I hope you'll taken the time to read the posted reviews as these restaurants deserve the attention as too often do we ignore small-time venues that offer REAL value rather than just tossing the word around for marketing purposes. So stop ordering off the "value menu" and give real quality a shot!

Location List:

I'll be stopping in periodically at a few restaurants in the Oshawa area to sample "signature" dishes of each of the following restaurants. they have been chosen, one from each genre, from information on www.restaurants.uptake.com/oshawa and they are only in order by genre, alphabetically. As I make it to each eatery and the reviews are published, I will post the reviews link in the list as well.
Links are directly below their respective venue name.

American/Canadiana: Diamond's Grill - Thursday April 5th 2012
Asian: New Globe Restaurant -*
Cafe: Isabella's Chocolate Cafe -*
Caribbean and Island: Caribbean Queen Restaurant -*
Italian: Momma's Family Restaurant -*
Mexican: Mexico Lindo -*
Pubs: The Thirsty Monk -*

Note* submissions are being taken from friends and family provided they are detailed enough to include the necessary talking points. If you have a review you'd like to submit please send me an email @ joshua.j.taylor@hotmail.co.uk with a text version of your review in the email (for security reasons I won't accept attached files) and I will make any necessary spelling and grammatical corrections. Then it will be posted under a Feeding Time article with credit going to the sender.

Thanks everyone and please, enjoy your swim!

Joshua J. Taylor

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