Friday, 25 January 2013

Zero to Hero - First Proper Update


If your ideal version of me is one that IS wearing a shirt, you may wish to stop reading now.

Let's Get Going!

Alright everyone, between illness, exhaustion, and a myriad of other excuses, here's the first official update to my "Zero to Hero" article series.

The article banner... I miss 'Old Disney'
As I said, I'd be updating my blog with my workout routine (which went way off-script from the outline I posted originally), my weight, and my weights used alongside the reps of each weight. Honestly, there's nothing impressive in the amount of weight I'm using right now, or the number of reps I'm doing at each weight level. I'm currently just trying to get into a better gym-going routine and find a workout that doesn't leave me too broken to work.

I haven't been doing much concerning my legs the last little bit, simply because they've always been a strong point of mine, and it's my opinion that my upper body needs to catch up with my bottom half. Don't worry, I've seen the "Friends don't let friends skip leg day" photo, and that's not going to be me... I'm a bit of the opposite so as I said I'm trying to even out.

Alright, and without further ado, here's the first update to the Zero to Hero photo series.

Photo Album - Zero 2 Hero #1, 1-4

Regular Standing
As promised, these are the photo updates. I suppose this is less an update and more a baseline image.

I accept that this is the internet, and that there are likely to be people eager to troll the ever-loving hell out of me for this and you may all knock yourselves out. I'm posting these to keep my efforts honest, and to hopefully show some results that inspire my readers to start on their own personal fitness journeys.

Each of these updates will (until I can find someone willing to take the photos that I can't take on my own (back, legs) contain 4 photographs. The first will be just plain and simply me, standing. The second a shot of my right arm flexed, the third will be the left arm, and the fourth will be my stomach. I should note that I'm not doing this to become some chiselled-stone, statuesque figure out of a Greek fresco, but instead to tone the little muscle I have already, and to burn off the excess body fat and improve my general fitness. I'm not bashing the people who ARE out to become body builders and extreme fitness models and professional weight lifters, that's their choice and it's a hard road to travel but that road just isn't one I'm interested in. That's not a lack of faith in myself so don't mistake me. It's simply a difference of desire.
Right Arm Flex

I do hope that no one is utterly repulsed by these photo sets, and I'll post this heads-up to hopefully prevent the comments that no, I will NOT be spray or bed-tanning for any reason at all. I'm not some fake jerk who thinks becoming an oompa-loompa is super hot or cool, and I'm not trying to impress anyone with my skin tone ESPECIALLY if they think that looking like a Jersey Shore wannabe is appealing. Nope, you'll all have to deal with the good ol' "Irish Tan" until summer, and even then you won't see much of a change... Really sucks that I sort of blend in to the wall behind me... I'm calling it urban cam-tan... Sure.

Anyway, here come the last two photos in the series. After that, and some minor babble, I'll be outlining the numbers as they apply to my Z2H series. That means my height, weight, and all of the weights and respective reps done for my gym visits. Obviously these numbers are guidelines as some people won't be able to handle as much weight or as many reps, and most will blow past me with their potential, just giving people an idea of how I get any results that I *might achieve.

Left Arm Flex.
So, now for that random babble I was mentioning. I so hope that some of my readers take the time to comment on these articles, and I don't mean "sit here and praise me", I really don't (for once). What I'm hoping is that people who've either already been through their own journey to personal fitness or people who want to start theirs will comment with what's worked for them thus far, what they feel is holding them back from starting, that sort of thing.

Unfortunately I haven't been able to generate the reader base that my old blog had, which would make getting the comments up and running a lot easier but here's to hope and a little luck right? Right! I want to inspire people, I really do, and if there's even a slim chance that someone will read my updates and think "gee, it really doesn't seem so bad to start exercising more" then I'm going to keep going at this with the best of intentions at heart.

Abdominal Flex
Now, if you have any questions, suggestions, etc. and you don't feel like posting them on here, you can feel more than welcome in sending them to the blog's email address: A note to any would-be spammers etc. Please, don't waste your time or mine. If I get spam email I won't be opening it, I'll be labelling it as junk and reporting your email address as fraudulent and malicious. So once more, don't bother dicking around just because the blog has an email address now. Thank you.

There's really not a lot more that I can think to say except that I recognize that there's really nothing to look at thus far, which is fine, as I'm not posting these in the hope of levying some sort of sex appeal out of it, just creating a photo-documentation chain to help with the overall cataloguing of any changes. As a note these photos were all taken yesterday on Friday January 25th, 2013.

The Numbers:

*Grabbing my notebook, please wait*

The Cooldown:

Well I hope you've enjoyed the first legitimate update on the Z2H (Zero to Hero) journey. Here's hoping for many more, with results aplenty and hopefully a little more skin tone come the warmer months of Canada's Spring-Summer hybrid season that might see me outside more than you know... Negative-21-with-the-windchill weather.

Enjoy your swim!

Joshua J. Taylo

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