Saturday, 22 December 2012

Uncommon Sense - Home Invasion

Think about this folks...

You come home to find your front door ajar, footprints in mud leading upstairs into your mother's room, and you hear noises upstairs. You know for a fact that it isn't your mother, and no one else is supposed to be in the home. Suddenly you see this at the top of your stairs...

An unknown individual has made their way into your home with intentions that you have no way of discerning. What do you do? Do you protect yourself, your property and your loved ones, or do you just run away and leave all that you own, and those that you love behind you in the dust? Yeah, didn't think running would be the forerunner in that race (pun somewhat intended).

This was akin to the scenario experienced by the man in this Toronto Sun article and since he fought off the intruder with a kitchen knife, he has faced charges of aggravated assault. Yup, you heard it right, the man defending his girlfriend and her mother was charged for going after the burglar in his girlfriend's family home.

Now I don't know what the hell even prompted this court case to begin with. If someone breaks into my house I can establish two things: One, they've broken the law already and two, I don't know their intentions or the lengths they are willing to go to in order to get whatever it is that they want in my house. Because of these two points I can establish that not only do I need to defend myself, my home and my family, but that I must do so as quickly and efficiently as possible to ensure the least amount of harm done to anyone (lawfully) inside the house. If I choose to round the corner from my bedroom and let rip with a 12-gauge blast of buckshot into the intruder, that should be my business. I'm not talking about chasing him into the street and getting all Yosemite Sam'd up in anger, shooting wildly around the neighbourhood but about a controlled use of lethal force against an enemy that I can safely assume means to do myself and my family harm, the extent of which could result in one or more of our deaths.

Some people might say I owe the intruder a warning but I'd ask why? Wasn't the locked door notice enough that you're not welcome in our home, and that we have locked our doors and windows for the expressed purpose of keeping threats OUT of our home? If that's not clear enough to you, then I severely doubt you'll be missed in this world as you must just be a pain in the ass for everyone around you anyway. In any case, I refuse to warn an intruder (who MIGHT be armed themselves) and thus give away my position within the home and lose any tactical advantage I had through surprise. If I'm going to defend my home it will be swift, effective, and if I deem necessary, lethal and I don't think that there's a damned thing wrong with that.

HOWEVER, if you just break through the front door, get freak out and leave, fine. I'm not going t hunt your ass down just to put a couple of rounds into you and I don't think anyone should. Once you've started retreating I can assume you've given up your attempt and that I'm relatively safe.

Aside from the handgun in this photo I'm pretty much aligned with the message. If someone breaks in, I'm having someone incapable of defending the home call 911 and I'm taking the fight to the intruder. If you want to come play on my turf that's fine but you have to accept that you're then choosing to play by MY rules and that leaves me are a MASSIVE advantage because my rules? They don't require me being nice. They require you getting the f*ck out of my house, getting down on the ground and surrendering, or me blowing your sad ass away with whatever's at my disposal. Sorry if that inconveniences you during your attempt to intimidate, rob, and possibly rape and murder my family it's just too bad for you pal.

In any case I'd ask people to contact this city justice and thank them for throwing out the case. Contact the man who so valiantly defended his home against an unwanted intruder and contact your local MPs to tell them how you feel about what your rights should be in the event that someone threatens your safety, or acts in such a way that you could reasonably assume your safety to be threatened while in your home.

I hope you feel the way I do on this one folks I really do. I'm sick of the system protecting the criminals and the lowlifes while making the good citizens of our country fear doing what's right because of unjust laws and over-consideration of criminal rights.

Enjoy your swim!

Joshua J. Taylor

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