Tuesday, 18 December 2012

The 2nd Amendment - "Under Fire"

I'm getting really tired of being given reasons to write gun-control blogs... Seriously.

First it was families gunned down in a movie theater by a madman with a ridiculous yet legally purchased arsenal, and now it's women and children shot to death in an ELEMENTARY SCHOOL... For the love of all things good, right and humane in the world what is it going to take for 'Muricans to realize how completely fucked up their national mindset is? Here's a summary of a conversation that I've had with about half-a-dozen different citizens of the good old US-of-A.

American Citizen: But I need to be allowed to own a gun!
Me: Why?
American Citizen: To protect myself and my family.
Me: From who?
American Citizen: Someone else who might have a gun.
Me: Well, why would THEY have a gun?
American Citizen: It's their right to, I don't know, people have guns and I need to protect myself from those people.
Me: So you'd be exercising a right, to potentially protect yourself, from the possible implications of another person that MIGHT be exercising that same right in an unlawful manner?
American Citizen: Wll, um... I guess? Sort of?
Me: So in what world does that sort of idea even make a lick of sense?
American Citizen: 'MURICA!

Okay you got me, I added the "MURICA" bit but how couldn't I? That seems to be the only attitude that comes out when you question an American's right to own a gun. Now that's I've probably got half of my readers behind me and the other half pissed right the f*ck off, how's about some mathematics to solve our problems hmm? Something clear and logical?

The G20 Nations: Number of murders using firearms

  • The United States: 9146 per year
  • Everyone else put together: 1206 per year
Seriously, this came from the UNODC & Small arms survey. The entire G20 firearms murder numbers equal out to 13% of the United State's total when the US numbers stand alone While we're at the table of plain and simple truths, how about some arguments against reasons used by some Americans trying to justify or validate their drastically higher murder statistics...
  • "It's because we don't have religion in schools!" : Canada doesn't have prayer in schools either, AND we teach evolution. Our murder-by-firearms numbers equate to 1.2% of the US total.
  • "We have a history whose identity was forged in violence and we've had a generally violent history." : Well what about Germany? THEY have a violent history wouldn't you agree? Hell they were fighting in the middle ages before Europeans even DISCOVERED what was to become North America. Their current total? Yeah, it's 1.6% of the US gun murders per year.
  • "Our children play violent video games and watch violent cartoons." : Most of those are made or at least designed in Japan folks and guess what, Japan's gun-murder count? 0.11% of the 'Murican total.
Are we seeing a trend here? Do you want to know what the big differences are here between the States and these other nations that they share so much else in common with? The United States not only lists it as a right to own and operate firearms, but they ENCOURAGE people to no end to do so. Add to this fact that the United States spends the most money relative to its GDP on military spending and that it takes almost any chance to GLORIFY even the most horrible "historical violence" related to itself and you have a recipe for disaster. I'd like to direct everyone back to a wonderful Michael Moore documentary called Bowling For Columbine, you know, in case you missed the million other references and recommendations for it. It will do the best job that I can imagine of explaining the US gun culture to people struggling to get a grip on the situation. In any case, I'd like to make something clear to the States...

When the statistics point you out as the most murderous member of the G20 by an INSANELY large margin... You MIGHT want to rethink the way you handle guns in your country. Far be it for your nothern neighbours to make a casual observation though 'cause you might just shoot at us after you get bored of killing each-other.

I hope you've identified with my little rant, and if you're STILL a 2nd amendment die-hard well then I don't know what else to tell you. You're f*cking up your country and the lives of innocent people in it. If you won't at least agree with my completely, agree with me on this...
THESE are not used for hunting game...
These are the types of weapons that were used in the recent shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newtown Connecticut. Just so you know, I won't be listing the pathetic, wretched, scumbag excuse for a human being's name that carried out the attack. He's not worthy of any recognition and I won't provide incentive for another f*ck-up to go shooting up THEIR local school by increasing the notoriety of this waste of skin. Instead I will ask you to grieve for the families of the victims, THEY need your support and THEY deserve to be recognized and respected.

The Victims: May they rest in peace...
  • Nancy Lanza, 52
  • Rachel D'Avino, 29
  • Dawn Lafferty Hochsprung, 47
  • Anne Marie Murphy, 52
  • Lauren Rousseau, 30
  • Mary Sherlach, 56
  • Victoria "Wiki" Soto, 27
  • Charlotte Bacon, 6
  • Daniel Barden, 7
  • Olivia Engel, 6
  • Josephine Gay, 7
  • Dylan Hockley, 6
  • Madeleine Hsu, 6
  • Catherine Hubbard, 6
  • Chase Kowalski, 7
  • Jesse Lewis, 6
  • Ana Marquez-Greene, 6
  • James Mattioli, 6
  • Grace McDonnell, 6
  • Emilie Parker, 6
  • Jack Pinto, 6
  • Noah Ponzer, 6
  • Caroline Previdi, 6
  • Jessica Rekos, 6
  • Avielle Richman, 6
  • Benjamin Wheeler, 6
  • Allison Wyatt, 6
Seriously, what kind of trash, what monster could do this to innocent women and children? I say we erase his name from history. Don't mention it, don't associate him with anything of any worth, NOTHING. Let's start turning these attention-seeking parasites into nobodies, and make their victims the martyrs, the heroes, the ones in whose names we dedicate ourselves to making sure that something like this NEVER happens again.

Your move 'Murica... Choose wisely.

Enjoy your swim, and may the families of the victims be in your hearts and minds.

Joshua J. Taylor

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