Tuesday, 4 December 2012

From Zero to Hero - My Fitness Journey

I'm finally back -you know you missed me- and this time, IT'S PERSONAL! Well, it's personal fitness at least.
From Zero to Hero!
Yup, I'm getting back to my old ways, going start putting my gym membership back to good use and you all get to come along for the ride... Aren't you stoked? If not, please go drink a couple of Red Bulls and try again :p No seriously, don't. That shit'll kill you.

In any case, over the next few months I'll be a man on a mission... A mission of self-improvement and it's all going to be documented here in the Fishbowl in the hopes of inspiring some of my readers to make a positive change in their own life, and to (hopefully) earn some encouragement as I take on this challenge. In essence I'm going to try to go... From zero to hero :p

Yes, this was necessary :p

Well with that said er... um... sung I suppose, we can move on with the introduction of my "Zero to Hero" article thread. Basically I'll be hitting my gym (The Goodlife Fitness downstairs in the Oshawa Centre) with a planned-out routine each week. On every visit I'll be documenting the workouts done, the weights used, reps done, distances run and run times. Each week I'll be posting a scan of my fitness tracker as signed off on by a Goodlife employee each gym trip along with a picture of myself every month until I'm satisfied with my progress. I don't really have a plan as to how long I'd like this whole effort to last but I'm thinking after about 6 months I'll be ready to stop documenting it on here.

The routine is going to start off with 3 weeks of a simple routine, just to get me into the habit of being back in the gym and to start me on a healthier eating track. Ensuring that one meal is healthy and balanced each day, and hitting the gym 3 times each week will be the system for these first three weeks. I'm going off of an article from Men's Fitness and you can read the entire article here. It only recommends a 2-day system, with a rest in between each day however I think I'll feel better throwing in a third day for my own former routine, just to keep my mentality linked from before, and to allow me to keep my running in check each week.

My official start SHOULD be one week from today. I'll keep you guys posted!

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy your swim!

Joshua J. Taylor

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