Monday, 9 July 2012

A Second Chance - Cleaning The Tank

Hey everyone, glad you found the site.

I've moved here in an attempt to break free from the weights of the issues that had collected in the first fishbowl. This is pretty much the last (I hope) to hear or mention of those issues as I am starting my life anew from this point forward.

Much of the old page will be brought here such as the popular pages, post titles, that sort of thing however, and this goes out to all of the people who know who they are...

I would NOT like to have people who caused me problems in the past coming here to rain on my parade once more. I doubt that any of the current 'problematics' will be determined enough to pester me that they would follow me here, however, if you idiots do... Ugh, bugger off now before you waste  any of my time, and any more of yours.

To all of the readers that have come here out of a loyal following of Fishbowl Living, I appreciate your continued readership. It is nice to have you along for this new life that I am happy to begin living right... about... NOW!

Enjoy your swim!

Joshua J. Taylor

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