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Colorado Killer - Freely Purchased Firearms

Dark Knight Rises shooting aftermath brings muted calls for gun control | World | News | National Post:

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Yup, the 2nd amendment is a beautiful thing isn't it America...

Give the article I've linked above, and then read through the rest of this post as most of the information leading me to publish this can be found there.

I know I've already noted America's gun problems with my Bowling For Columbine article and one other piece (both in the original Fishbowl) however I think the recent tragedy lends new reason to restart that argument as every weapon, magazine and bullet used in the attack was purchased legally, following each and every applicable government rule and guideline for firearm ownership.

Here's a list of the items legally purchased for, and used in the Aurora attack along with some minor details that apply to the individual items:

  • May 26th: Holmes purchases a .40 calibre Glock handgun from a Bass Pro Shop in Denver.
  • May 28th: The Remington 870 used in the attack was purchased, also from the Denver sporting store.
  • June 7th: Holmes acquired an AR-15 assault rifle at a store in Thornton, Colorado.
  • July 6th: The second Glock handgun was purchased, once again from the previously mentioned Bass Pro Shop.
  • Holmes also purchased an expanded-capacity magazine for the assault rifle
Now I would like to give you an idea as to what these weapons look like precisely, although not the EXACT weapons wielded by the gunman, the following photo provides examples for the listed weapons.

Now as I said, these are not photos of the weapons actually used in the attack, simply images compiled to demonstrate exactly what we're dealing with when referring to the tragedy.
You see folks, it's looking at this graphic that really gets my back up about gun control. Personally I don't believe firearms are a necessity for civilian ownership and operation however my beliefs allow for some compromise here. I believe that hunting materials should be available and when I say that I mean bolt-action rifles, and the older-style 2-shot shotguns akin to those traditionally used in hunting and skeet shooting... Not these 8+ round capacity semi-automatic monstrosities. You do NOT need a pistol to go hunting... Plain and simple. If you're hunting something small enough that a pistol would be required well then you're just hunting for the sake of going out and killing something in the name of 'sport' and personally? I can't agree with that. I have no problem with people hunting deer and other game when they're not simply looking for trophies but for consumables (Some have the animals professionally skinned, heads stuffed for sale, butchered for venison etc) but when you see these too-proud, gun-toting 'good ol boys' heading out on the weekend to bag whatever animal just happens to be in season because they just enjoy 'the thrill of the hunt'... STOP THEM, tell them what a bloody waste of time they're about to go through with, though I doubt it will change their minds. Honestly though, what more do you REALLY need? 

Let me guess, 'home protection' is going to come up here, well fine then howsabout this little compromise...

"A citizen may be permitted, upon the completion of necessary background checks and the proper documentation procedures as established by municipal, state, and federal law, to own a maximum of three pistols to be used only for recreational shooting at licensed gun clubs and for home defence along with a maximum of no more than four 'long-guns' to be used for hunting purposes only. Any and all weapons are to be locked in cases and empty of any and all ammunition when not either inside the owner's residence, on a registered firing range, or in an area designated for game hunting. Any individual found to be not in compliance with these terms and who is without a specific government license allowing them to carry a loaded firearm at times not listed herein will be fined anywhere between 2,000$-5,000$ depending on the circumstances of the offence."

So, you're allowed to have a loaded weapon in your home, on a gun range, or while in an area designated as suitable for game hunting by existing municipal, state, and federal law, what else do you need? No seriously, when EVERYONE is subject to these same laws, what do you have to fear?

It bothers me that Americans feel it so necessary to own guns, especially when they can't be content to just own a shotgun, a hunting rifle or something of practical purpose. When I hear about a semi-automatic military-style rifle involved in something like this... Or just being owned by a civilian in general it pisses me off. The is not a single God-damned dear, elk, moose, whatever out there that you need a gas-operated, 5.56 calibre semi-automatic rifle to take down, there just isn't. If you know what you're doing with it, a simple bolt-action hunting rifle will suffice for just about any big-game job and you've always got buck and bird shot if you prefer hunting with a shotgun over a rifle. I would like to see ANYONE argue effectively against my proposed amendments to the 'American' way of life as it pertains to gun ownership.

And with that readers, I'll leave you to consider everything written here, and in the National Post article.

Enjoy your swim,

Joshua J. Taylor

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