Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Feeding Time - Mexico Lin-Dos lol


I have to say folks, I did a revisit last night and well... Yeah, my previous review? Chuck it right out, toss it, disregard it. I had the "Acapulco" today with 'loaded' fries and medium sauce (it's still got quite the kick) and I loved it. I couldn't physically EAT all of it, however it was phenomenal.

I found out after my aunt came into the joint with her hubby that it was actually the OWNER working the tables which really shocked me. When I saw how their online menu and info was set up it felt almost too 'big' for the blog but going in and seeing the owner of a restaurant putting their own sweat and tears into making the place work on the floor? That's conviction. She waas beyond kind to me, and when I asked for a recommendation there was no hesitation to her answer, and an assuring confidence in her voice. My aunt sat with me for a bit and told me about the food, the owner, and how it's become a staple of her dine-out nights. My mother is actually going to be stopping in at Lindo for lunch today, and I hope she'll enjoy her meal as much as I loved mine.

So basically, if I have this right lol, the "Acapulco" is a sampling plate (a big-ass plate) with re-friend beans, a sweet salad, spiced and flavoured rice (in my case "loaded" with veggies, sauce and some meat), a soft-shelled chicken taco that was absolutely ridiculous garnished and dressed with some sort of a sour-cream drizzle and the medium spicy sauce, and a beef burritto also dressed in a similar 'saucy' fashion.

I was unable to get pics of my meal (I was for once caught without my phone) however I can assure you that it is more in the taste. The presentation is neat, however it is not 'clean cut' as the pieces that make up the dish are very earthy, very... pliable what with being a soft taco and a burritto (that you NEED to eat with a knife and fork... SO much amazing sauce).

To sum things up quickly, I'd like to apologize to my aunt, my friend Sarah, and ESPECIALLY to Mexico Lindo. It WAS wrong of me to judge them on their preparation of simple fries. By my logic, it made sense. I feel that under the circumstances it was justified however I owed them a revisit, promised just such a second-coming and now I have delivered on it... And Mexico Lindo delivered big time.

Oh and I should note that with my iced tea, and the rice being "loaded" which I'm fairly sure is an add-on, the bill only came to $18.03... There was enough food for two people to share with that dish (The Acapulco) so don't be surprised at a near-$20 price tag for one person... That plate was meant to be shared make NO mistake.

Food: 9.5/10
Value 10/10
Service: 8.5/10 (the bill just took a while to get to me, but I was so happy with the food I didn't really care and she WAS the only person on the floor so you, the reader, can most likely overlook the -1.5 from perfect).
Atmosphere: 7/10, corny to an extent however well furnished... I kind of wish the flat-screen in the corner had've been off of mute but then again not EVERYONE enjoys sports news while munching on mucho Mexico Lindo cuisine.

So totalling it up...


Total Score: 87.5%, Definitely worth the 'A' grade here, and a subjective two thumbs WAY up... Just don't do as I did and try to run a quick game of Lazer X-Treme right afterwards... Tummy troubles lol.

Enjoy your swim folks, and hit up Mexico Lindo soon. They're just north of the armory on the west side of Simcoe St. in downtown Oshawa.

Joshua J. Taylor

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