Saturday, 8 September 2012

Hot Spots - Frozen Heroes Sportscards and Memorabilia

Had the most amazing experience today... So sit down and listen.

These people just love what the do, no ifs ans or buts about it. They basically live to serve collecting hobbyists of all levels and somewhere between their attitudes, knowledge, and the way they set up their shop in such a practical yet comfortable manner, you can really tell that they have the best interests of their clientèle at heart.

So let's get into the details here, since 1977 the owner, Doug Stevenson, has been collecting (chiefly hockey cards) and the brainchild of this passion for particulars, player pictures and props has come to life in the form of his shop, Frozen Heroes; Sportscards and Memorabilia.
What I showed up looking for lol 2012-2013 Score Cards
I wound up being treated to a lovely afternoon discussing the best sport on earth,
and discussing it with a fellow fan of the most iconic team in the NHL.
Now yes, Doug and the gang love hockey, but they also stock an extensive variety of items from all over the sporting and collecting world. For the fans of some warmer sports they have cards and other collectables from baseball, football and basketball, for the more... Motorhead collectors there's NASCAR items like photos, model cars and (I believe I saw correctly) cards. As I said though they stock some really interesting niche items that I think anyone would be lucky to own such as:

  • Mighty Morphing Power Rangers collectable card sets from seasons 2 and 3.
  • "Great Guns" Premium Collectors Cards (I picked up a pack of these, only 50 cents and worth every penny).
  • Signed (and unsigned) artist's replica goalie masks.

A scan I did of the results of a "Great Guns" pack missing 2 cards
that I gave Doug as they were classics.
Honestly there's so much more but these were the top three to catch my eye probably just from personal preference.

Now they used to be out in Whitby near Hopkins and Consumers but they've moved so take notice here ITS NOT MUCH OF A TRIP.

I had a rough time getting to them in Whitby just following bus schedules... Hell I wound up just giong to the Whitby mall as it was easier to navigate then walking to their old location... The whole trip took me about an hour between bussing and walking and it was a relative hell compared to what it is now. At this point, any kid with 3 bucks or a bus pass (or a student ID from DC or UOIT) can get there in just under half an hour travelling on the 916 Rossland West which stops only metres from the Harwood and Station intersection. Oh, and once you've stopped in for your trading, buying or selling, you can pop into the Harwood plaza at one of the many restaurants or the pubs to grab a bite to eat as well... The location is perfect and the actual shop? It felt like home when I walked in my first time (today) and I GUARANTEE you I'll be going back soon.

Now I feel the need to point out something here as some might wrongly accuse me of doing paid advertisements... If you are one of these individuals please take your readership elsewhere as I will not compromise my integrity for a couple bucks... At least not without informing the reader of any such coercing agreement before beginning my article. No, I've just taken notice of a business owner who loves what they do, who wakes up every morning excited to spend their entire day at work and whose passion shows in everything they do.

Now for the particulars:

Frozen Heroes Sportscards and Memorabilia
71 Station St. Ajax, ON.

They are a NOT-FOR-PROFIT organization folks and they support local charities... What more could you ask for in a store???

I'll be updating this post with photos once my phone's up and charged again (I took some photos while I was in shopping and talking to Doug and the gang I'm sure you'll enjoy them).

Enjoy your swim and please, check out Frozen Heroes :) You'll be glad you did.

Joshua J. Taylor

EDIT: Pics

The Shop:

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  1. I just saw this Josh. Sorry I'm a little behind in my reading. Thanks so much for the wonderful article and for spending time with us. Your passion for hockey cards is refreshing in that it is based on 'hockey cards' and not value or greed. BTW we have moved back to Whitby and are working out of our house as we have a new son born in June which demands that I be at home more. Take care and thanks again, Doug